Why AccSyss?

AccSyss is the latest, most state of the art, HR/Payroll system on the market today. Completely customizable, and mobile enabled, AccSyss allows your employees access to their data from anywhere in the world. Fully integrated Human Resources with Payroll means that all of your important information is always at your finger tips. You can grant your clients all the control they need. Remote check printing, Employee self service, Manager self service, and Time and Attendance, just to name a few.

AccSyss offers a robust suite of utilities to power your business!


Payroll Processing:

AccSyss offers the best and most comprehensive payment processing application available. It combines payroll, labor distribution and accounts payable as a single processing solution. When you are done with payroll you are done with accounts payable. This means all your payroll obligations, including paychecks, direct deposit advices, payroll tax deposits for all jurisdictions, wage garnishments for all court orders and any other third party payments are ready for disbursement. Key features of our processing solution is explained in more detail below.

AccSyss Payroll delivers true 100% web-based payroll processing that is easy to use, accurate, secure and flexible. Employee and Manager Self Service modules create an efficient and cost effective environment for small and large businesses alike. Automatically posts time and attendance and expense reimbursement data from AccSyss Web Time Clock directly to payroll. Seamlessly interfaces with AccSyss Workforce Management for human resource information.

Features such as client-side time entry, multiple checks per employee, one-time tax and deduction overrides and manager approvals make AccSyss easy and efficient to use. Handles multiple child support and other employee garnishments. Distributes employee time charges across multiple workers compensation classifications, clients, cost centers and projects. Supports Certified Payrolls, Tipped and Piece Work employees.

Comprehensive User-Defined Payroll Rules

  • General Ledger Chart of Accounts
  • Payroll Groups for pay and work schedule assignments
  • Workers Compensation Classifications
  • Pay Codes with 20+ calculation methods
  • Deduction Codes with employer contribution calculations
  • Clients and Projects for expanded labor distribution

Automatic Labor Distribution

Employees can be setup with rules to allocate and distribute pay each payroll across multiple divisions, departments, clients, projects and job assignments.

Flexible Time-sheet Entry Grid

Your business has a time entry grid tailored to your needs for easy and rapid entry of employee payments and one-time deductions. Easily and quickly expand the grid as your needs evolve and change.

Combined Payroll and Accounts Payable

Payroll processing includes accounts payable for your tax jurisdictions, court orders and any other payees you designate. You can run and re-run the total payment process until you ‘Approve’ your results. Multiple garnishment withholdings comply with Federal Credit Protection Act rules for disposable wages. Processing is fast and accurate (1,000-employee payroll takes less than 15 seconds, beginning to end)!

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Human Resource Management:

AccSyss Human Resources provides a fully integrated HR Information System (HRIS) that tracks employees from recruitment to retirement. Features include personnel tracking, labor relations, wellness tracking, benefits administration, compensation administration, education and skills tracking, corporate asset tracking and more. AccSyss supports EEO, AA, COBRA, OSHA, ADA, I-9 and FMLA reporting requirements and provides audit trails to view all changes and check data accuracy.

AccSyss SaaS human resources management helps streamline the day-to-day administration of your workforce. Tracking employee personnel record details, life and employment events, online open benefit enrollment, compliance reporting and workers compensation claims, you have a pulse on each and every employee readily available at your finger tips. Key features of our application are given below.

Job Posting & Applicant Tracking

Manage your workforce recruitment, internal job postings and applicant requisitions in one unified solution. Applicant Tracking from AccSyss transforms the paper-based resume collection into a streamlined business process. It helps you automate all phases of the recruiting process, from publishing job postings to initial candidate contact to hiring to onboarding. Track candidate resumes, education, skills, job history, interview assessments, background checks, drug test results, job offers, acceptance and rejections, and more.

Give your candidates real-time web access to load their complete application information directly into AccSyss. Route qualified candidates through your approval process. Start onboarding with a New-Hire Package tailored to your business and efficiently move an applicant through the hiring process to payroll in just a few steps. All applicant data flows directly into AccSyss Human Resources for seamless integration. One-click moves applicant profiles directly into our human resource management application…ready to work…ready to get paid… Key features of our applicant tracking solution are presented below.

  • Create requisitions for vacant or new positions in AccSyss
  • Post Open Job Positions through Employee Self Service
  • Real-time tracking on all applications
  • Basic Demographic Information including file attachments
  • Five-tier organization — company, division, business unit, department and location
  • Job and Salary Grade
  • Up to ten hourly rates
  • Dependents and emergency contacts
  • Skills, education and previous employment
  • Match qualified applicants to open requisitions based on skill levels, work experience, and education you specify as selection criteria
  • e-Mail qualified applications to hiring managers for review, notation and assessment
  • Send personalized letters to all applicants, based on hiring manager assessments

Training Management

Track and maintain employee training history, skills inventory and training courses. Manage employee development with training objectives that enhance proficiencies and identify areas where additional training is needed. Maintain company course catalogs, employee professional certificates and licenses for renewal all in one concise solution.

Hr Reports

Over 100 standard reports are available to support your Human Resource needs. AccSyss reports are clear, concise and readily exportable to Microsoft Excel® or Word®.

  • Personnel and Benefits Administration
  • Payroll and Labor Distribution
  • Compensation Analysis
  • OSHA and Workers Compensation
  • Employment and Affirmative Action
  • Training, Licenses, Certificates and more…

Employment Management

  • EEO, W-4 and I-9 Status Information
  • Track OSHA and Workers Comp Claims
  • Wellness and New Hire Eye Testing
  • Drug Screening
  • Background Checks

Employment Events Management

  • New hire, termination and rehire events
  • Life, job change and training events
  • FMLA and other absence tracking events
  • Performance Reviews

Management Reports

Reports are comprehensive, legible and produce management information. All 25+ reports can be readily created as PDF, MS Excel and MS Word DF results. Standards included:

  • Signature-ready Certified Payroll Reports
  • Signature-ready Employee Utilization Reports
  • Tip Report for FICA Tip Credits
  • Workers’ Compensation Costs Reports
  • Personnel Information
  • Affirmative Action
  • Benefits Administration
  • Compensation
  • OSHA and Workers Comp Claims
  • Wellness
  • Training
  • Skills and Education Information

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Time & Attendance:

Track Time, Expenses and Mileage the Easy Way!

AccSyss offers the fastest, most accurate and flexible way to collect up-to-the-minute time, attendance and expense data from your employees multiple options for collecting Time, Attendance and Labor data and makes it easy to manage your labor costs with state of the art integrated options. Built to work for small and large companies alike, ranging from Manufacturing to Office Services to Hospitality and more. Managers can review, edit and approve information and quickly ready the results for payroll. AccSyss offers data collection through smartphones, notebook computers and biometric terminals. You can mix and match technologies to suit your entire workforce. Configure overtime, shift and work schedule rules, payroll group by payroll group. Key features of our time and labor management solution are below.The AccSyss Time & Attendance solution provides you multiple punch options, secure web access, and is fully integrated into AccSyss Payroll to give you the most flexible and cost saving system available. Supports both web terminals as well as hardware terminals to maximize your time collection options.

  • Web based punch from designated computers
  • Optional web-based punching from smartphones or workstations
  • Web based auto time entry sheets
  • Integrated Ethernet Biometric terminals with optional finger print identification to eliminate ‘buddy punching’
  • Integrated Ethernet Swipe Card Clocks
  • Custom interfaces to existing time clocks and POS devices
  • Real-time shift differential computations
  • Real-time overtime computations
  • Department Overrides
  • Time of day access restrictions
  • IP Address access restrictions

Attendance Accruals

Automatically accrue leave-time and PTO hours for employees. Accruals can be automatically reduced as used through payroll. Attendance accruals can be run on a payroll-by-payroll basis or on a nightly schedule. Plans can be calendar-based or employee anniversary-based. Set up multiple Attendance Plans as needed to fully accommodate the Paid Time Off policies peculiar to each company. AccSyss has the Attendance Accrual plans for today’s businesses.

Imports from Time Clock Software

Seamless imports already are available for CSV and MS Excel formats from popular time clocks and cash registers. Time and attendance records move into payroll with just a keystroke.

Automatic Time-sheet Transactions

Time entry transactions are created automatically for designated employees when their payroll groups are selected for processing. Time entry is simple, fast and accurate.

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Back Office & Accounting:

AccSyss Back Office Accounting streamlines billing, cash receipts management and payroll tax filing for all companies, staffing service providers, ASOs and PEOs. Maintain multiple company entities, organizations, PEOs, ASOs, or any combination thereof. Each enterprise has its own user security, sales agents, tax identification and collection of companies. All accounting and reporting are separate for each enterprise.

AccSyss Back Office Accounting seamlessly interfaces with Accsyss Payroll. Client invoices can be setup with billing schedules and fee calculation methods designed for payroll service providers. Automatically create client invoices and third party checks directly from payroll activity. Print consolidated signature ready quarterly tax forms for all states. Flexible commission schedules can be set up for Sales Agents based on the billing line items you establish. General Ledger Transaction activity can be exported directly to Microsoft Excel® with the click of a button.

  • Client Invoicing
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Cash Receipts
  • Accounts Payable
  • Third Party Checks
  • Check Reconciliation
  • Print consolidated signature ready quarterly state tax forms
  • Sales Commission Statements

Exports to General Ledger Software

General ledger transactions are ready for exports to MS Excel as well as popular accounting products including QuickBooks. For custom General Ledger exports, our professional services staff is available to help meet your needs.

Exports to MasterTax for Outsourced Tax Filing

Payroll tax liabilities can be readily and easily exported to MasterTax if you choose to outsource payroll tax filing. Both the MasterTax PTS and RTS exports are available.

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Benefits Administration:

AccSyss Benefit Administration, with its web-based architecture, allows 24/7 access for employees, managers and administrators. Benefit information can be securely reviewed and if security rules permit, updated at any time, from any location. Accsyss Benefit Administration is powered by a flexible, rules-based engine that supports multiple benefit categories ranging from medical, dental and vision to disability, 401(k), life insurance, stock plans, and more.

Life change events in AccSyss trigger employee open enrollment automatically. Combined with complex eligibility criteria, multiple-tier plan levels, and total payroll and HR integration, AccSyss makes benefit administration easy. Online benefit enrollment can be controlled as a regular calendar event, or triggered by an employee’s life change event. Employees can make their selections from the comfort of their own homes.

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Self Service:

Employee self service with AccSyss gives employees secure, real-time access to the information you want them to have. Employees may be granted access to view their personnel records, view pay stubs, print W-2s, view company manuals, and participate when open benefit enrollment occurs. If desired, employees may be granted access to only update screens that affect life event changes, like adding a new dependent or changing the home address. The AccSyss security engine is so flexible that it allows you to grant different access privileges employee-by-employee, as company policy may dictate. Employee self service with AccSyss was designed to help you save time and money and increase employee satisfaction. Key features of our employee self service are below.

Comprehensive User-Defined Employee Self Service

  • You specify which screens employees have access
  • You specify whether they can only view screen or screen
  • View or update screen privileges can vary from screen to screen
  • View or update screen privileges can vary from screen to screen

Available Features You Can Grant

You can grant employee access to any of the features listed below:

  • Personnel Record
  • Benefits Information
  • Dependents Information
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Print or View Current and Prior Pay Stubs
  • Print or View Current and Prior W-2s
  • View Company Policy Manuals, Job Postings, Company News
  • View Paid-Time-Off Balances
  • Request Paid-Time-Off
  • Online Benefits Enrollment
  • View Job and Salary Changes History
  • View Performance and Evaluation History

Employee Self Service

  • In and out time tracking
  • Enter and edit time and expense information
  • Charge time and expenses to multiple job assignments, departments and locations
  • Review time card history
  • Schedule paid-time off requests
  • Automatic email reminders for holiday schedules, time card sign-offs

Manager Self Service

  • Monitor time, attendance, expense and one-time deduction reporting for the people they supervise
  • Manage overtime, early arrival and other exceptions
  • One-click approvals for payment processing
  • Monitor pending approvals and requests
  • Approve paid-time off requests with automatic email alerts to your staff
  • Automatic email alerts for staff work schedule violations

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